JuicyJayXo 69

JuicyJayXo 69

Chief Editor

Hello, My nickname is JuicyJayXo 69, and maybe you have already watched my performances on one of the top cam sites worldwide. I rubbed my body for a long time. Honestly, I started my career so fast, right after I turned 18. And it was not for money, but pleasure. The money was a bonus.

Few people would like to tell publicly that they're a cam model. That’s why I’m here talking to you with my utmost honesty. I’m an active performer on cam sites. You can find me more than on one platform. And do you know how many platforms I've tested before finding the most profitable one for me and most beneficial for my fans? Oh, it was a long way…

I perform every day, and do you know what? I love my work. It’s not a job, and it’s a real hobby full of money. And the most incredible part of it is that I find the hidden soul strings to give me control over viewers.

But I’m here to talk with you about proper platforms. As you already read my articles, you know that I’m not impressed by most cam sites. It’s simple to explain why. See, on the internet, you can always find a place with better offers.

So here, I collect all my experience in the cam world and share it with you. Sometimes I test new sites as a performer or as a regular viewer. It’s more than an addition to a hobby. I try them for myself to check their offers and rules. And to save it for the future, I share this information with you.

And of course, if I tell you about some of these sites, you can find me there. All are honest and true. I have a schedule of my public performances, and you can find them on my own Twitter. Here you can find information about trustworthy sites, which I prefer to the tons of hoaxes out there.